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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

After finally upgrading my computer from Win7 to Win10 the Adobe Reader program opens one file and then will not open any others or create pdf files.  The program just does nothing when I click to use.

The solution is to disable Protected Mode.  First, make sure you can open Reader DC.  If you cannot, then open the Task Manager by typing Taskmgr in the search box near the Start button.  Close all instances of Adobe Reader.  Open the program, not a file.  Click on Edit, Preferences.  Go to Security (Enhanced) and uncheck the box to enable Protected Mode at startup.  Click Ok.  Try using the program again.

Quick Desktop View, (Peek)

If you want to quickly view your desktop without having to minimize the many windows that are open, you can do so.  First, click on the Start button and click the gear icon for Settings.  Then click Personalization, then Taskbar, (at the bottom).  Then click to turn on “Use Peek to preview the desktop…”

Now hover your mouse to the right of the date and time and beyond the notification icon.  You only need to hover, NOT click, and the desktop will come to the forefront.  If you want to keep the desktop visible for a bit, click once.  If you want the windows to re-appear, click again.

“Secret” Start Menu (Win10)

This one is easy.  If you are a fan of the “old school” Start menu you can have it back, (almost).  Hover your mouse over the start button and right click.  A textual menu appears, just as it used to.

Of course all of these items are available through the standard menu, however, you will be able to access them quicker by doing this.

Pop-Up Ads in Quickbooks

When you open QB a pop-up ad appears asking you to upgrade or purchase a product.  It only happens at startup and you can X out.  If you are finding these annoying, there is a way to stop all of them.

With QB open and signed in, click on Edit, Preferences, select General on the left column and then click the My Preferences tab.  Select the check box to “Turn off popup messages for products and services.”  Click OK and you are done.

Call us. We’re here to help.


If you are the type of end user that loves having multiple windows open on the desktop, then Shake is for you.  Shake allows the user to click, hold and shake a window to minimize all others, leaving only the desired window open.  Shake again and the minimized windows re-appear. 

Simple and easy way to clear the clutter.

Quick Assist

Quick Assist allows one person to remotely connect with another.  It connects two computers so that one PC will remotely control another PC.  To access this Windows 10 feature, type Quick Assist in the Search window near the Start button.

You will need a Microsoft account to sign in.  If you do not have one, it is free to create and the link to do so is in the window that pops up.  Create the account or sign and you will get a code to give to the user of the system you are remoting into.  That person does not need a Microsoft account to allow you access.

The limitation to this utility is that the remote computer will need to have someone on site to activate the link unlike other remote access programs that can be set to open automatically.

Cleaning Computers during the Pandemic

Yes.  It is important to repeatedly clean your computer during the pandemic.  How you do so is just as important. 

First, use a disinfectant wipe to clean frequently touched surfaces.  These include keyboard, mouse, front of your computer desktop or the covers, (top and bottom) of your laptop and the power cord if you are moving it to another location.  If you are using a wipe, make sure to have the computer off first.  The wipes can have excess moister that will drip into the keyboard, (of a laptop), or into a desktop, and cause a sudden short of the system.  That could be catastrophic!  When finished, wipe of any excess moister before rebooting the computer.

If you are using a spray to disinfect, make sure to spray onto a paper towel first and use it to wipe down the system rather than spray directly onto the computer.  Again, turn the system off prior to cleaning.


When Outlook is being closed the program will run in the background syncing up with the email service.  Doing this insures your email will be up to date and running as expected.  However, sometimes when you go to open it again, it does not.  That is because it is running in the background, syncing.

The best way to handle Outlook, (2019, in this case), is to open it and leave it open until you are finished with it for the day.  Opening and closing Outlook multiple times during the day will cause this issue to re-occur.

Scanning software on a Mac computer

Even Macs get viruses.  Having an antivirus program makes sense.  However, when you download and install one, the error message pops up stating your system is only partially protected!  Why is that and what can be done?

The antivirus program requires Full Access to your hard drive.  Only an authorized user can grant that access.  First, make sure you are logged onto the Mac as the authorized user.  Next, go to the System Preferences and select Security & Privacy.  Scroll down to Full Access on the left side.  Unlock the icon at the bottom by entering your Admin password, (most likely the same password as you logon with at boot up).  Place a check mark next to the antivirus application that is listed. 

Close out and run the scan software again.  You should not see that message anymore.

How to get rid of dots indicating a space between words

This can be annoying.  You go to type in Word and after each character there appears a dot.  While there is no obvious option to get rid of them, the answer is easy.

Click the “music” symbol on the Home Ribbon.  If that does not do the trick, then click on File, Options and then Display.  Go to the section “Always show these formatting marks…” and uncheck the Spaces options.  Do the same for any other option you want to do not want.  Click Okay and the dots should be gone.