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iPhone data recovery/backup

If you do not use icloud, or have run out of space and do not want to pay for additional storage, you can use a utility called MobiMover.  It will scan and then save your entire iPhone data unit to the computer.  The folder is placed on the desktop and is titled “Exported by MobiMover(then the date).

Open that folder and you will see subfolders with the data within.  Note:  If you use a web mail account, such as AOL, Gmail, etc, then the contacts and other data will not be stored here as it is stored on the web mail server.

Click this link to download and save your iPhone data!


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Saved Passwords on the iPhone

If you need to find your password that is saved on your iPhone the process to see those is:

–tap Settings, Passwords & Accounts, Website & App Passwords.

–scroll to the website or email site you need the password for and tap.  The address and password should now appear.  You may have to verify it is you asking for the information by entering your access code for the phone.


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MediSoft is very slow

Medical programs are sometimes difficult to use.  Having a problem certainly compounds the frustration we all have.  MediSoft began significantly slowing down during the request for Daily Reports.  It could take up to 20 minutes for a report to appear when it should be just a few seconds. 

MediSoft has provided a solution.  If you are using v19, sp1, (version 19, service pack 1), there is a hotfix you can download to resolve the speed issue.  In this case, the hotfix was found by searching for it using Google.  Once downloaded, we were able to easily install and resolve the problem.  Now reports open nearly instantly!

MediSoft has said this issue is resolved in their newer versions of the software. 

QuickBooks Payroll Tax Issue

When creating paychecks for your company you notice the net amount has significantly changed for some employees, but not all.  When you investigate, it is found that there are multiple entries for Federal Withholding, as well as possible other multiple tax lines where there should only be one.

The cause of this issue may be with the payroll updates downloading through the QB servers.  To resolve this issue, click on the Employees menu option in QB, then Employee Center.  Highlight the affected employee, right click and select Edit Employee.  Click on the Payroll Info tab on the left side.  Then click on the Taxes button in the upper right corner.  Next, click on the Other tab.  Here you will see where an entry for the offending tax is listed.   

You may not be able to delete the entry, however, if you highlight the entry, in this case Federal Withholding, and backspace to remove it, then click OK, it will be removed.  Click OK again and exit the Employee Center.  Try to create the paycheck again.  Check to make sure the number of tax lines are correct.  Done.

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QuickBooks Printer Woes

Issue:  After replacing my printer, QuickBooks, (QB), will not open the Printer Setup Window to change the defaults for printing Reports, Checks/Paychecks or any other form.  I tried using the Printer Repair Tool from the Intuit site with no luck.

The cause was very simple.  Even though attaching the replacement printer, (or even a new one), to my system, running Windows 10, showed the printer listed and “installed” in the Devices and Printers window, QB did not fully recognize it.  That caused the Printer Setup Window within QB to fail.  Installing the full driver for the printer, from the manufacturers web site, solved the problem. 

All is well.


QuickBooks default setting is to recall last date entered as the default.  This means when you enter a check in the register, for example, as a few days ahead that same date will appear at the next entry.  This is true for all estimates, invoices, checks, etc.  It can be frustrating when you are trying to enter data and the date needs to be changed to the current day.

To change the default date to use the current date as default, go to Edit, Preferences, General and check the radio button for “Use today’s date as default,” under the heading Default Date to use for new transactions.  Done.

Time Machine Backup Schedule

The Apple Operating Systems have a great backup feature titled Time Machine, (TM).  This feature runs in the background on an hourly basis backing up the data on the system.  The problem is the frequency it runs as TM uses a significant amount of system resources to run.  That can affect the performance of other running applications, slowing your system down, every hour.

Most users can live with TM running once per day.  If this is you, then how do you change the backup schedule?  The user interface for TM will not allow you to alter the schedule.  You will need to download and install a third party utility called TimeMachineEditor.  Click this link to get to the Download section and look for version 5.07.  (Google the title if this link does not work…)

Once installed, use the drop down option “Calendar Intervals” and set the time of day you want TM to run.  I suggest checking the option to “Backup as soon as possible if a backup time is missed.”  Also make sure it is left in the startup profile so it will be active each time you reboot.

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QuickBooks Auto Recall

Issue:  you enter customer information on an invoice for both the Bill To and Ship To boxes, yet only the Bill To information auto recalls. You have to re-enter the Ship To data every time you make a new invoice for the same customer.  How can both pieces of information be set to auto recall?

Solution:  you will need to enter the Ship To information using the Customer list.  Click on Customers, Customer Center, (or List), find the customer and click to Edit Customer.  Enter the information in the appropriate box. 

You can enter both the Bill To and the Ship To information in this area so that when you use that customer again all data will auto recall.

Google Cookies Issue

Like many people, when we are told to do something we do it!  Google notified an end user to disable cookies as a way to further protect their data.  Having done so, this person can now not enter the password to access e-mail.  To resolve this, re-enable cookies.

In Chrome, go to the three dots in the upper right corner, click on Settings and then click Advanced, at the bottom of the page.  Click on Site Settings and then look at the settings for Cookies.  There you can enable them.

Gmail reply address

Some people do not use Gmail for their business address because of the idea that an email address ending with “” is not as professional looking as a “.com” address.  There are a couple ways to use Gmail with a .com address.

First is to setup a business account with Gmail.  Up until recently that was an easy task to do.  However, Google has changed the parameters for setting up a business account making the process longer and more involved.  The better solution is to take your current .com email and use it as the reply to address in google.

To do the latter, open a free Gmail account, or use an existing one.  It will not matter the address you use for the new account as we are going to use the existing business email as the reply address.  Once you have created, or opened an existing Gmail account, click on the gear icon in the upper left.  Click Settings, go to Accounts and then look for the section Send Mail As.  Follow the prompts or click Learn More to setup the account as you would like it seen by recipient(s).  Done.

Gmail offers a great option for e-mail as they do not have ads, articles or any other distractions when you click to get the e-mail.  Also, if you have a web site, then you have a .com address that you may not be aware of.  Your web host typically sets up your business account. Contact your web host for that address.