We have been doing business with Mr Chapin for many years. Excellent work and outstanding customer service! thanks from Dwyer Kitchen & Bath

I am IN SHOCK!!! My computer “fritzed.” That is the technical term that so endears me to computer technicians. I was in a panic and called after hours, sure I would get an answering machine. It was Andrew! He was so friendly, professional and his sweet disposition was tested because I was kind of insane on the phone. He made an appointment to come to my home for the next day at 3:30. At 3:28, he is at the door with all the answers, he saved the data and saved the day!

His price was fair and reasonable. Andrew let me know they have a quarterly remote check up that can be done on my computer for a small annual fee. SIGN ME UP!

If you have a computer problem, call Chapin Business Services. It is customer service at it’s finest and technical knowledge at it’s best.

Thank you!!

Terry M