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QuickBooks: Keeping Multi User Active

When you want to have more than one user accessing QuickBooks at the same time you are required to have the program set to Multi User Mode.  To use QB in that mode, click on File, then select Switch to Multi User Mode.  Now multiple users can access the same company file.

When you close and then re-open QuickBooks later, you have to repeat the steps, as QB has defaulted back to Single User Mode.  How can we set it up so QB always opens in Multi User Mode?

With QB closed, press and hold the Ctrl key and then click to open QB.  You will be at the Open Company File Window.  Highlight the company you want to open, but do not open it yet.  Click the check box at the bottom of the screen to Always Open in Multi User Mode.  Then click the to open the highlighted company and it should already be in Multi User Mode.


QuickBooks Script Errors

Script errors are typically caused by something within Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.  If you are using another browser as your default then you can get rid of the script errors by simply making IE or ME the default browser instead.

To do so, go to the Control Panel and click on Default Programs.  Click Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge, and click the blue link at the bottom of the window to make it the default program.  Open QuickBooks again and see if the errors go away.

Quickbooks Advertising

I use QuickBooks 2014 and have become annoyed with the up selling that create popups whenever I start the program.  Now I am getting script error messages because there is something corrupted within the popup ad.  How do I get rid of the ads?

You can’t.  However, if you change the way you use the shortcuts, you can stop them from popping up.  Switch to the top icon bar and they will disappear.  To do this click on the View menu option at the top and select to use Top Icon Bar.

Flip and Rotate Video Utility

Have ever created a video or downloaded a video only to find out it is upside down or rotated incorrectly?  To make it worse, the video is a clip of something that cannot be replicated, such as a graduation, event or a moment in time.  What do you do?

You can download a free flip and rotate utility that solves the problem.  Install the utility and let it run.

Once open, click in the upper left corner to select the Input file.  Browse to the file location to open.  Double click the file you want to change and it should appear in both windows in the program.  The right side is where you can rotate the video.  Once you have it looking as desired, click the top of the right side window to send it to a different location or leave the current location in place and it will save it in the same place as the original.  Click Convert.

The size of the file determines how long it takes to convert the video.

Moving Mac files to a PC

What should be an easy process is made difficult because of the different file types each system uses.  PC’s cannot easily read Mac files, so transferring them to a PC is not possible, unless…

There is a utility called HFSExplorer that will allow you to access data on the mac drive and extract it (copy), to your PC.  You can then access your mac data as you would any other files on the computer.

Go to Google and enter HFSExplorer.  Click on the first link, (catacombae…) and then click on the first download link for Windows, (Download installer for Microsoft Windows systems).  The download will only take a few seconds as the file is not large.

Attach your mac drive to your computer.  Either use a usb cable to attach the hard drive from the mac computer or attach the external hard drive that you used on the mac system to hold the mac data.  The PC will not recognize or read the mac drives yet, so nothing will pop up saying there is a new drive installed.  Now open and install the utility, HFSExplorer.

Once installed, click on the Program folder and select the Administrative option to run the program.  Click on File and then select to Load file from device.  A smaller window opens.  Click the AutoDetect button at the top left of the window.  That option will find the hfs hard drive and allow you to open and access the data.

Go to the folders you want to extract, (copy), and then click the Extract button.  Make sure you have a location, or new folder, to put the extracted files.  Browse to that folder and click to begin the process.  The amount of data will determine the amount of time it takes to complete.

Protected View in Word

If your Word program opens reasonably fast but not so when you click on a file to open, either locally or over a network, the issue may have to do with a setting that handles Protected View.

What is PV?  “Files from the Internet and from other potentially unsafe locations can contain viruses, worms, or other kinds of malware that can harm your computer. To help protect your computer, files from these potentially unsafe locations are opened in Protected View. By using Protected View, you can read a file and see its contents while reducing the risks.”

If you know the location you are opening the file from, such as a data server, then you can turn off PV and significantly speed up opening the documents.  To do so, open Word, (2010 or 2013), and click on File, then Options, then Trust Center, then Trust Center Settings.  Then click Protected View and un-check all the check boxes.  Done.

Please use caution if you deactivate PV.  Only open documents that you know are safe and stored in a safe place.  You can always reactivate PV following the above steps…

Missing Date: Quick Tip

In the bottom right hand corner of the screen is the date and time.  The time shows but not the date.  What happened?

A setting is preventing the date from appearing under the time.  To resolve this right click on the Start bar, click Properties and uncheck the option to “Use small taskbar buttons.”  The date should now appear.


Getting rid of the Win10 upgrade reminder

Windows 10 has proven to be a pretty nice upgrade from Windows 7.  However, if you do not want to upgrade, how do you get rid of the reminder that continually pops up near the clock?  You can, and it will not prevent you from downloading the new operating system later on.  Remember, the software is free until August of this year.  If you want to download the OS but not install it, you can do so.

To get rid of the Win10 reminder, go to and enter GWX Control Panel in the search bar.  Click the first option and download the utility.  Run the program once it has been downloaded and installed.  Click to uncheck the option “Disable ‘Get Windows 10’ App.”   The flag near the clock should now be gone.  Done.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Dual Monitors

Having dual monitors allows you to open programs on different screens.  This is a very efficient solution when the user constantly needs to “alt-tab” between programs.  Open one program and drag it to the second screen, then open the next on the main screen is the process.

There are some programs, typically industry specific types that deactivate the min/max and x features in the upper right corner, (the middle and end buttons).  Without the ability to reduce the window without closing the program prevents the user from moving the window to the second screen.  This effectively renders the second monitor useless.

The solution is a simple keyboard combination that will move the window back and forth between screens.  Hold down the window key, Shift and left arrow, to move one direction and the right arrow to move the opposite direction.

Windows 10 Tips – The Look

With over 200 million devices running Win10 it may help to know there are a several tips that can make the OS easier and more convenient.  This is the third in a series of Tips that will allow the end user to customize Win10 to their liking.

Changing the color and background picture may not seem worthy of a Tip, however, if you spend hours in front of your computer, looking at a desirable picture or color scheme will help!  Right the open area of the desktop and select Personalize.  The first option is for the background.  Try different pictures and colors to find the one best suited to you.  If you want to use your own picture, click the Browse button and navigate to the picture to use it as the background image.