AdChoices and Opt Outs

Advertising on the internet is a necessary inconvenience. To make it a bit better, you can opt out of many ads by clicking the small link AdChoices in the lower right corner of the ad itself.  (If the link is not present then this opt out will not work). 

Click the link, then click the blue Opt-Out button and a scan of your browser will reveal whether the opt out utility will work.  After a couple minutes it should come back with the ability to proceed to the opt out window where you can check either all the ads or certain ads to be eliminated from your internet page.

We use Chrome for the browser and the opt out worked well.  If you use a different browser the results may be different.  After a few minutes of processing, the Opt Out Complete window should appear and the ads will be gone after you close the browser.  For better results, scan your system with Ccleaner to get rid of any cache ad files.  Then restart the browser.