Windows Directory Statistics

Having a hard drive that is running out of space is frustrating when you do not understand how your drive filled up to begin with.  There is a neat utility that is effective at showing where all the space has gone.  It is FREE and called WinDirStat.  Click the green button to the right to begin the … Read more

Google Bookmarks

While it is a good idea to go into the Settings of Chrome, (click the three bars in the upper right corner), and perform maintenance,  Managing Search Engines, (delete unknown or unused ones), Extensions, (removing all unwanted and unknown ones), History cleanup, (from the beginning of time), checking on the Start page and export your … Read more

Windows 10: Where’s my desktop?!

When you boot your system the desktop does not load, however, the tile view is active.  Tile view is very similar to Windows 8.  In fact, Win10 was built to look more like Win7 and less like the Win8 tile view. There is a feature in Windows 10 that allows those users, who “loved” the … Read more

Tracking Changes in Word 2010/2013

If you have a document that needs to have comments and/or editing tracked, you can turn on that feature in Word 2010 and 2013 by clicking on the menu option Review.  Look and click Track Changes, then track changes again to activate.  To the left of the Track Changes option is Show Comments.  Click that … Read more

Windows 10 Tweaks

There are a lot of nice things about Windows 10.  The interface is better than Win8 and the speed has improved at startup.  Here are several items you can tweak to make the new operating system more to your liking. You can customize the start menu.  First, it is nice to have it back.  What … Read more