Google Chrome is a web browser.  The new operating system boots in seconds and comes with many of the features other operating systems have.  It uses cloud storage and most of the popular Google products.  These include music, document creation, movies, video chats and thousands of more application options.

Data is not stored on the computer but in the cloud.  A secure, online storage service that you can save and access anytime.  Since it is stored in the cloud, you can access it, with the correct credentials, anywhere, from any computer and even if your current Chrome-book is damaged or missing.

Boot times are incredibly fast since the operating system is not loading the usual amount of programs and data.  In fact, the hard drive is very small compared to a typical laptop. Even though it looks like a laptop it certainly does not act like one.  Viruses are rare occurrences since there are not any executable files to infect.  Nothing can be installed on the Chrome-book so malicious software and code have no place to go on the operating system.

A series of laptops are available with the Chrome OS installed.  HP, Samsung and Acer are a few of the manufacturers offering the new OS.  Prices range from around $200.00 – $400.00.