Chrome OS Virus

The new Chrome operating system is about as safe an environment as can be created.  However, we can report it is not one hundred percent immune from viruses.

Recently we had a call from a customer who contracted the FBI virus on their HP Chrome-book.  The virus infected Google Chrome, so that when you go online via Chrome all you would see is the FBI warning.  You could go to other tabs and move around the internet, however, closing the infected tab proved impossible.  The only solution was to try either of the following methods.

The process to do so is simple.  There are two methods:  First is to try a Powerwash.  Open Chrome and click on the three bars in the upper right hand corner.  Click Settings, then Advanced Settings.  Find the Factory Reset section and click Reset.  Then click Restart.  On rare occasions this method may not work.  If that is the case try reinstalling Chrome OS.

To do so you will need a usb device that has at least 8 Gb of space.  You would then type chrome://imageburner into the address bar of the Chrome browser.  Run the tool and follow the prompts.  You will get warnings about losing all your data on the usb device.  After the process begins, it will take about thirty minutes to complete.  When it reboots, your Chrome-book will act like a new device.  You will have to enter your information again, (email, password, etc).