Converting Mac files

You have a Mac that has lasted for some time, but feel it is time for a new one.  When you buy a new Mac some of the old data may not convert to the new system as easily as it should.  For example, you had a Mac running OS 10.6, or earlier, and have a new system running 10.9.  You created documents in AppleWorks (.cwk) and want to move them to the new system running MS Office 2011.  When you try to open the .cwk files they cannot be read.  What can you do?

You will need to find the old Mac and reboot it or find another system to use for the conversion to work.  Once you have that, put all the data that needs to be converted onto an external drive, flash or disc.  Open either AppleWorks or iWorks on the old Mac.  Open the file you wish to convert.  Make sure it opens normally, then click on File, Export, select DOC from the menu bar and click Save.  Save the files to the external drive so you can easily move the files back to the new system.