Converting MAC to PC files

If you own a MAC and are converting your files to a PC format an easy way to convert them is to use a free Gmail account to perform the conversion. First, you need to have the files you wish to convert on an accessible media type, such as a thumb drive or an external device.   Next, either open your Gmail account or create one by going to

Once you are logged into the Gmail account, click on the Drive menu option at the top of the page.  Click the orange up arrow icon to upload your files.  Keep in mind you are limited to 5 GB’s, so make sure you only upload the most important data.  Once the upload is complete, click on My Drive to see the folders and files.  Click on the files you want to convert or open.  That will open another window.  Click on the menu option File and look for the Download as option.  There you will find the file types to save as.

You can convert your mac docs to a pc friendly format or the other way around.  If you need to download them to your new computer, you can do so.  Or, leave them on Gmail for safe storage and easy access from anywhere!