Email not working?

On your smart phone, tablet or computer, email just stops working.  You may be able to send, but not receive, or the other way around.    To get your email working again try the following steps:

  • Go online to try and access your email directly from the providers website, (ie,,, etc).  If your email works without issue online then you know the issue is with your device.  (This may be a good time to change your email password, as described in earlier tips, changing your password makes good security sense).
  • Re-enter the password on the offending device. (If you changed it, enter the new password).
  • Make sure the incoming and outgoing server settings are correct. To get the correct settings, Google search for the answer.  However, most devices will automatically create those settings for you.  Remember, changes to these settings are made without notice, so it is important to check.
  • If that fails to resolve the issue, then save your existing email, delete your account on the device and re-enter it. One of the better ways to accomplish this is to add the same email account on the device you are having issues with.  This will give you two identical email accounts on one device.  If the newly installed account succeeds in getting and sending email, then you can easily move the email from the offending account to the new account and delete the account that does not work.

Remember, you should be able to access your email online from any connected device.  This method, while not the most convenient, may be the better way to use your email no matter what device you are using.