Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Gmail is smart and safe, at least it is safer than many other browsers and email servers.  If you would like to make Gmail easier to navigate by using keyboard shortcuts, thereby saving clicks, do the following:

Open Gmail, (not simply google chrome), and then click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.  Then click Settings.  Scroll part way down until you see Keyboard Shortcuts and click to enable “Keyboards shortcuts on.”  Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.  Done.

Now you will have an array of single keys to tap on your keyboard to do particular tasks.  These are:  C for compose a new email; U to return to the Inbox; E to archive a message; K to go back to a prior message; R to reply; A to reply to all; F to forward and J to move from one message to the next.

There are others that you may be interested in using.  To find those, return to the Settings window where you turned on the keyboard shortcuts and click the blue link under the heading for Keyboard shortcuts.  There you will see a section titled “Shortcuts you can use.”