Gmail reply address

Some people do not use Gmail for their business address because of the idea that an email address ending with “” is not as professional looking as a “.com” address.  There are a couple ways to use Gmail with a .com address.

First is to setup a business account with Gmail.  Up until recently that was an easy task to do.  However, Google has changed the parameters for setting up a business account making the process longer and more involved.  The better solution is to take your current .com email and use it as the reply to address in google.

To do the latter, open a free Gmail account, or use an existing one.  It will not matter the address you use for the new account as we are going to use the existing business email as the reply address.  Once you have created, or opened an existing Gmail account, click on the gear icon in the upper left.  Click Settings, go to Accounts and then look for the section Send Mail As.  Follow the prompts or click Learn More to setup the account as you would like it seen by recipient(s).  Done.

Gmail offers a great option for e-mail as they do not have ads, articles or any other distractions when you click to get the e-mail.  Also, if you have a web site, then you have a .com address that you may not be aware of.  Your web host typically sets up your business account. Contact your web host for that address.