Good Computing Habits

Practicing good computing habits is a great way to keep the system running as expected and will allow it to run faster and cleaner.  Listed below are some of the ways you can practice good computing skills.

  1. Run your scans.  Weekly use of SuperAntiSpyware,(SAS), Ccleaner, (Cc), and Malwarebytes, (Mbam), will help keep the “bad” stuff off your system and help it run faster.
  2. If you go to sites that are considered questionable, (graphic, gambling, and human interest sites), then you need to run the scans listed in item A right afterwards and use Ad block Plus to stop pop ups that could contain malware.
  3. Manually run a virus scan, Windows Defender, routinely.
  4. Make sure your backup is up to date and getting the data you want.  Always check the backup profile especially if you use a third party program, such as Carbonite.  Never assume it is working as expected.
  5. Blow the dust off the system and from inside the desktop if possible.  Keeping it clean will allow the system to stay cool and run more efficiently.  Blow the vents on laptops and keep the surfaces clean.
  6. Update the operating system routinely, especially for security updates. 
  7. Unload / Delete files and programs no longer in use. 

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