Google is always using italics font

When you search for something using Google the results are in italicized font and when you type, the search wording is in italics. Why?

There are two ways to resolve the issue.  First is to go into Google Chrome and click the three bars in the upper right corner, then click on Settings.  Scroll down and click on Show Advanced Settings.  Then look for and click on Customize Fonts under the category Web content.  Adjust the font style and type here.

If that does not resolve the issue then the font Google is using is corrupt and needs to be replaced.  First, go to Google and type something.  Right click over the italics and select Inspect Element.  A window pops up at the bottom of the screen.  Look at the right side and scroll down to the third section looking for the term font, (it will be in red).  To the right of the word font is the name of the offending font.  Write that down.  Next, close Google Chrome.  The next step will be to replace the fonts.  The easiest way to do so is to go to another system and copy the fonts to a usb drive so you can copy and paste them into the font folder on your system.  The font folder is located in the Control Panel.  Copy all the font styles associated with your font type to your usb device.  For example, Arial has several types, (bold, italicized, etc).  Go to your system and open the Control Panel and then open the Fonts folder.  Copy and Paste the fonts from the usb device to the Fonts folder, selecting yes to replace all.  Close the Control Panel and reopen Google.