How to prevent some programs from automatically updating

When you open a program it wants to download and/or install updates.  This can be annoying and, in rare cases, affect the computer system.  Turning off this feature can get rid of the problem, but remember to periodically run them to keep security updates effective.

Most programs do not allow you access to the option that turns off updating.  In most cases, turning on User Account Control, (UAC), will give you the opportunity to click “No” when asked if you want to allow the program to make changes to your computer.  In this way you can allow the program to update when it is convenient for you by either clicking “Yes” or turning off UAC.

To access UAC go to the Control Panel and click on Users Accounts.  Click the link to make changes to User Account Controls.  Make the appropriate choice and click OK.  The lowest option turns off UAC, the second and third options only notify you when apps are making changes and the top option is to always notify you of changes being made.