Libre Office will not run…

When you first boot your Windows system, Libre Office performs well.  After some time, you go to reload Libre Office and it does not open.  It seemingly does nothing to open the file.  What happened?

This is a known issue with Libre Office version and earlier that has been resolved with version 5.3.5.  The file soffice.exe will open several times preventing the program from opening again.  Every time you click to open the program it loads another instance of soffice.exe in the list of applications running.  You can see this issue by opening the task manager, (hold ctrl, alt and del keys together and press once, then click on task manager to open), and look at the Processes.  There you will see multiple issues of the file running.  You can end task on each of them and the program will then open, however, it is not the long term solution.

Open Libre Office, click on Help and Check for updates.  Download and install the latest version.  Done.