Managing passwords and usernames

There are many reasons to have your computer save the username and passwords to email, Facebook and other accounts that you access routinely.  However, what if you change your mind and do not want them automatically saved and only want certain sites to remember that information or have a computer where another person’s information is stored, (usually because they used your computer), do the following…

To change that setting you need to change the way your browser saves the data.  We will use Chrome in this example, although most browsers are basically the same in this regard.  In Chrome, click the three dots in the upper right corner and select Settings.  At the bottom of that list of options click Advanced Settings.

Now go to the area titled Passwords and forms.  Click the blue link to one or both options that will allow you to remove the option of saving the data.  Under Manage Passwords, for example, you can “X” out the site that is remembering the username and password by clicking the grey x on the right side, noticeable when you highlight the entry.  Click Done when… done.