Office 2013 error message

When you click on a file shortcut to open a document or excel data sheet you get the error “this is only for valid office products…”   You have Office installed on the system, but get the error message anyhow.

In this case, the error was caused by having more than one version of Office installed and when you uninstalled one of them, the shortcuts on the desktop became non-descript, (or not associated with an Office program).   Selecting a default program does not resolve the issue either.

To resolve this, open the Control Panel and click on the Programs and Features icon.  Find your latest version of Office, (the one you wish to use), and then click Change, at the top of the window.  Click to Repair the installation.  After a few minutes the repair should be complete.  Click Close.  All the icons should now be associated with an Office program and open normally.

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