One Drive

One Drive is a product that allows the user to store data on the “cloud” and access it from anywhere there is an internet connection.  It is secured by a username and password created when you set it up.  Go to and click to sign up at the bottom of the screen.

Recently we setup a one drive account for a business that wanted to share a database with a colleague.  We created the account and copied all the database files.  The difficult part of this was getting the software to recognize where the data was stored and then allowing that software to gain access to it.  Once we “re-permissioned” the various databases, the software had no problem accessing the information.

The alternative was to contact their software provider for help.  They contacted them for some advice and came away with a proposal that would cost them thousands of dollars!  The software company would help setup their database on their server and setup each computer wanting access to it.  Too much.