Outlook Script Issue

Issue: You receive a script error when opening Outlook, (2010, 2007, 2003). The problem is Outlook Today is corrupt or the outlwvw.dll file is damaged.

The solution is to replace the damaged file, outlwvw.dll. You can download a fresh copy of the file by going to Google and search for it. Download the file and save it to the desktop. Copy and paste it into the system32 folder and to the Outlook program folder. Restart Outlook to see if the error is solved.
If not, the workaround is to have another page open when you click to use Outlook. If you are currently opening to the Outlook Today page, change it to Inbox, for example. After all, that is where you typically go to get the email…

To do that, click on Tools, Options, Other Tab and then Advanced Options. Change the startup folder from Outlook Today to Inbox. Close and restart Outlook. Problem should be gone.