Print Queue

When you go to print something, nothing happens.  Everything seems to process normally, but nothing prints as expected.  Why?

There are several reasons why this happens.  Besides the obvious ones, is the printer turned on? Or, is there an indicator light active on the printer?  One of the more common causes are items “stuck” in the print queue.

Many times people will try to print a document more than once thinking that the Print command did not work.  The result is another item is listed in the queue.  The queue may be populated with items that will not print because of an error and need to be removed.

To clear the queue go to the Control Panel, Devices and Printers and double click your Printer.  Then click the link indicating how many documents are in queue.  The queue opens.  Click on Printer in the upper left corner and select to Cancel All Documents.  The list disappears, except, maybe, for one item.

If the last item does not clear within a minute or two, it may be stuck.  You can restart the computer, which usually will clear the queue.  However, a faster way to clear the queue is to open the folder and delete the items manually.

First, turn off the Print Spooler Service.  Go to the Control Panel, Administrative Tools and then click on Services.  Scroll down to Print Spooler, right click and select Stop.  Leave this window open.  Next, go to the path:  C:\Windows\System32\Spool|PRINTERS and delete all the files.  NOTE:  This action will delete all files for shared printers and computers using it.  Close the Explorer and return to the Service window.  Right click the Print Spooler again and select Start.

Close the windows and try to print again.