Print Spooler Issue

When you try to print something nothing prints and / or the error message pops up stating the Print Spooler Service has stopped working and needs to be restarted.

To restart the Print Spooler Service, go to the Control Panel and click Administrative Tools and then select Services.  Scroll to Print Spooler Service.  Right click that item and select Start.  Leave the window open.  Try to print again.

If the printing is successful, close all windows and continue to print.  If not, look back at the Print Spooler Service to see if it is Stopped.  If it is, then the service may continue to start and then stop until your printer issue is resolved.

There are a few steps to take to resolve this issue.  First, try to uninstall and reinstall the Printer and the software.  This action will allow to the computer to reinstall the device and drivers as if it were new to the system.  You should consider visiting the manufacturers website for the latest drivers.  If that fails, then try a system restore to the point in time when the printer worked as expected.  Click the Search tool and type System Restore to begin the process.  Close all windows prior to starting the restore.

Finally, if the above fails to resolve the issue, it may be time for a new printer.