Process Explorer

Getting malware and viruses seems to be inevitable these days.  Getting rid of them can be daunting and sometimes expensive.  If you have attempted to remove the offending software from your computer, but it keeps popping up at reboot, we have a utility that can help.

Finding where the offending software resides is half the battle.  Process Explorer will show you exactly where the software is located and what it is called.  Go to that location and delete the files and your issue should be resolved.

Go to google and download processexplorer.  It is a small utility that should download in seconds.  Its free and does not come packaged with other freeware that can infect your system.  We suggest extracting it to its own folder, so create one at the appropriate stage.  Run it and you will view all the processes running.  Hover the mouse over the offending program and a box will pop up telling you the location of the program.  Go to that location and delete that specific folder.  Done.