Protecting your WiFi

Ever wonder why your wireless internet has become increasingly slow?  Using another persons wifi connection is common among neighbors, at home or at the office.  If your connections seem to be slowing down, you may want to stop the practice of sharing your connection.  How?

Put a password on your wireless connections.  To do that you need to get onto your router or combo units “home” page.  Click on Start, type cmd in the search or in the Run box.  That opens a dos window.  Type ipconfig and press Enter.  Read the Default Gateway IP address.  Open a browser and type that number into the address bar.  That could open a security window where you will need to enter the default username and password.  To find that out, Google your router make or your combo unit make and the defaults will be found in that documentation.  Once on the Home Page you will go to the section for Wireless Security and enter a wep key.  That will result in securing your connection to anyone who does not have the wep key, (password).

The wep key, or password, should a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.  For example, using ! for the letter L or number 1, @ for the letter A, etc.  Get creative and write it down.  Store the password on a secure document or in a safe place.