Quick Tips

Issue:  When installing a new program, or upgrading a currently installed program, an error pops ups stating there is an issue with the installation and needs to close.  The first thing to try is to quit the installation, copy the install file(s) to the desktop, if not already on your hard drive.  Next, go to the install icon and right click, select Run as Administrator and try again.

Issue:  You receive a Windows Security warning about Unauthorized Changes Blocked for known and trusted Apps.  Click Start, Settings, (gear icon), and click Update and Security.  Next click Windows Security and then Virus and Threat Protection.  Then click on Manage settings under Virus and Threat Protection Settings.  Click Manage Controlled folder access.  (DO NOT TURN THIS OFF).  Click Allow an app through Controlled folder access.  Click the Plus sign to Add an allowed app.  Click Recently blocked apps.  Click the plus sign next to each app you wish to allow access to.

Issue:  Quick Assist is not updating or needs to be.  Click the QA icon.  If it asks you to get the update, do so by clicking to go to the Microsoft Store and then click Get.  Click to install the new version.  When complete, click on Start and scroll to the Q’s.  When you click on QA, hold and drag out to the desktop.  You will need to delete the old icon as it will not update itself.