QuickBooks Payroll Tax Issue

When creating paychecks for your company you notice the net amount has significantly changed for some employees, but not all.  When you investigate, it is found that there are multiple entries for Federal Withholding, as well as possible other multiple tax lines where there should only be one.

The cause of this issue may be with the payroll updates downloading through the QB servers.  To resolve this issue, click on the Employees menu option in QB, then Employee Center.  Highlight the affected employee, right click and select Edit Employee.  Click on the Payroll Info tab on the left side.  Then click on the Taxes button in the upper right corner.  Next, click on the Other tab.  Here you will see where an entry for the offending tax is listed.   

You may not be able to delete the entry, however, if you highlight the entry, in this case Federal Withholding, and backspace to remove it, then click OK, it will be removed.  Click OK again and exit the Employee Center.  Try to create the paycheck again.  Check to make sure the number of tax lines are correct.  Done.

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