Scan and Send, by e-mail

You own an all in one printing device, (scan, copy, print), that is also connected to the network either wireless or with a hard wired.  You scan a document that needs to be e-mailed.  The process seems to run without an error message, but the e-mail never arrives.

This is caused by your e-mails domain service rejecting the incoming files.  Typically, AOL will do that.  If you use an AOL address on the all in one printer, change the settings to another domain.  A great suggestion is to use a free Gmail account.  To do so, go to and sign up.

Once the account is setup you will need to enter the new address in the all in one so that it will use that domain.  Look at the menu options or access the devices web interface to change the default address.  Upon completion send a test scan to yourself to make sure it is working as expected.