Stubborn Malware

When you are infected with Malware and your computer is interrupted with ads, unsolicited scans and other unwanted activity.  You run your scans, (SuperAntiSpyware, Ccleaner and MalwareBytes are all available at, and have seemingly got rid of all infections.  However, when you click to go online you are still redirected to, or, etc.  You have also removed all extensions and reset IE.  Why is the redirect occurring?

The malware has redirected the shortcut to IE, Chrome or another web browser.  To resolve this right click on the icon, select Properties and the look at the data in the Target line.  You will see the part of the line redirecting the user to another site.  Change that part of the line to the desired site.  Be sure to change only that part of the line that includes the www address.  Then delete everything after the entry.

Another method is to delete the shortcut altogether and recreate it by going to the programs home folder, find the executable, right click and then select Send to Desktop.

Try the shortcut again.