Testing your Memory

Not your memory, the computers…

It is a good idea to periodically check your systems memory for problems, or to use this tool to diagnose an issue and either identify the ram as the culprit or to eliminate it.

Click Start, or Search, and type mdsched.exe.  You can choose from two options.  Restart the system now and check the memory or check the memory the next time you reboot the system.  We prefer to get the process started now.  Close all programs, backup your data and run the test.

Watch the program process the test and look for any issues that are found.  If there are no issues with the ram then it is likely not the culprit of any issues and can be considered good.  In that case, test other hardware or software.  If there are issues with the ram, change it out with new chips and run the test again.  Running the test again will verify the new ram is good and the slot ram is placed in is also good.

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