Time Machine Backup Schedule

The Apple Operating Systems have a great backup feature titled Time Machine, (TM).  This feature runs in the background on an hourly basis backing up the data on the system.  The problem is the frequency it runs as TM uses a significant amount of system resources to run.  That can affect the performance of other running applications, slowing your system down, every hour.

Most users can live with TM running once per day.  If this is you, then how do you change the backup schedule?  The user interface for TM will not allow you to alter the schedule.  You will need to download and install a third party utility called TimeMachineEditor.  Click this link to get to the Download section and look for version 5.07.  (Google the title if this link does not work…)

Once installed, use the drop down option “Calendar Intervals” and set the time of day you want TM to run.  I suggest checking the option to “Backup as soon as possible if a backup time is missed.”  Also make sure it is left in the startup profile so it will be active each time you reboot.

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