Converting MAC to PC files

If you own a MAC and are converting your files to a PC format an easy way to convert them is to use a free Gmail account to perform the conversion. First, you need to have the files you wish to convert on an accessible media type, such as a thumb drive or an external … Read more

Document Security, (MS Word 2010)

At home or at the office there may be certain documents you want to secure from prying eyes.  You may not want to create several levels of passwords to access the documents, just the few or the one.  To secure a single document you must decide what level of security you desire. You can restrict … Read more

Chrome OS Virus

The new Chrome operating system is about as safe an environment as can be created.  However, we can report it is not one hundred percent immune from viruses. Recently we had a call from a customer who contracted the FBI virus on their HP Chrome-book.  The virus infected Google Chrome, so that when you go … Read more


Google Chrome is a web browser.  The new operating system boots in seconds and comes with many of the features other operating systems have.  It uses cloud storage and most of the popular Google products.  These include music, document creation, movies, video chats and thousands of more application options. Data is not stored on the … Read more

Improve your Wi-Fi – Change the Channel

Most Wifi routers have 11 channels to choose from. However, channels 1, 6 and 11 can run at the same time without overlapping. Many routers use channel 6 as the default and that could result in a diminished wireless experience if it is being interfered with by other nearby routers using the same channel. Resolve … Read more

iPhone Reset

The iPhone wants to update the iOS.  You authorize it to do so.  After completion, (it takes approx. 30 minutes), the phone will not boot up.  All you get is a picture of iTunes and a plug indicating you need to plug it into the authorized computer you have always used. This issue is caused … Read more

Outlook Script Issue

Issue: You receive a script error when opening Outlook, (2010, 2007, 2003). The problem is Outlook Today is corrupt or the outlwvw.dll file is damaged. The solution is to replace the damaged file, outlwvw.dll. You can download a fresh copy of the file by going to Google and search for it. Download the file and … Read more

Outlook Hyperlink Issue

Many times you get an email with a link to a recommended website that is embedded in an email. Click the link and off you go to the site. What happens when the link fails? Outlook uses Internet Explorer as its default browser to open such links. If the link fails it is most likely … Read more

Outlook Default Contacts List

If you have multiple email addresses associated with your Outlook account you may have multiple contacts lists as well.  One of those contact lists is the default, but another list appears when you click the To button on a new email or when you click to view the contacts.  You can get to the desired … Read more