Unwanted Programs trying to install

There are so many junk programs that get installed when you download an update or even a wanted program.  You then go to the Control Panel and delete them right away, however, a remnant is left on the system and the program you want to get rid of keeps trying to install itself.  You click out of the install window, but it keeps coming back, looking for the install files.

We downloaded microsoft’s Mr Fix, (google.com), that will scan your system for programs that are having trouble installed or uninstalling.  In this case, run the program and select the option to Uninstall a program.  Once it completes the scan, you will see a list of programs it can uninstall, forever.  Scroll through the list until you see the offending program.  Highlight it and click to uninstall.  After a few minutes the program may say it had problems doing so, but it will also indicate the issue is fixed.