User Account Control

The User Account Control, (UAC), is incorporated into Windows Vista and above.  Its purpose is to inform the end user when a program makes changes that require administrator level permission.  There are four levels of access control you can choose from with the default setting being level three.

Level one is Never notify.  This is the setting that turns off UAC.  With the problems malware and viruses can cause, this is not the setting to use.  Unwanted programs can install without your knowledge and create significant issues with your system.

Level two is to notify the user when programs try to make changes to your computer, but does not notify you when the end user makes changes to Windows settings, unless a program outside of Windows is trying to make the changes.  This setting is better, if you pay very close attention to any nuance changes with your system.

Level three is the default setting and is like level two, only it represents a higher level of security.  This will notify you if any program outside of Windows tries to make changes.

Level four is the highest level of security and will notify the end user of any changes trying to be made to your computer that require Administrator permissions.

With security comes inconvenience.  The pop up that appears, (with the monitor dimming at certain levels), can seem annoying and add extra steps to the process of updating or installing software.  That annoyance should be considered a minor inconvenience compared to what could happen if your system becomes infected.

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