Wi-Fi Vulnerability, KRACK

Bad News:

The KRACK vulnerability allows an attacker to eavesdrop on or modify data being transmitted over wireless connections.  Any wireless device can be affected.  This includes routers, access points and wireless adapters.

Good News:

a) Only wireless connections are affected.  Hardwire connections are not.

b) Updating the routers firmware will resolve the issue.  Manufacturer’s are working on developing firmware updates all the time.  Periodic updates are always smart.

c) The attacker must be in range of your wireless connection.

KRACK stands for Key Reinstallation Attacks and is a “protocol level issue” which means the problem is with the standard itself and not the devices connected to it.  Once an attacker is connected, however, all devices connected to that particular Wi-Fi standard, (WPA2), become at risk for malware or virus installation.

If you are not using Wi-Fi turn it off.  If you are using Wi-Fi then you should update your wireless devices firmware right away.  If you suspect an attack has happened, shut down all your wirelessly connected devices, (ie: phone, computers, etc).  Using a hard wire connected computer, access your router and update the firmware.  If your router is more than three years old, strongly consider a new one, updating it as soon as it is connected.