Wireless Printing Setup

When you setup your wireless printer, the wireless connection to the devices that use it are intermittent. For some reason the connection drops, gets repaired and drops again.  You have tried resetting the connection several times, create a static IP on the printer, reset the router and reinstalled software many times.  Nothing worked.

What finally resolved the issue was realizing human error.  A phone line was plugged into the Ethernet port.  This is a fairly common mistake as the ports look similar and can be mistaken for a fax line-in port.  However, when you plug a phone line into an Ethernet port the printer cannot tell the difference.  On most wireless printers once an Ethernet cable is plugged in the wireless turns off.  You cannot have both setup at the same time.  The phone line was intermittently sending power through the port to the printer.  The printer was turning on and off the wireless connection, causing the problem all along.