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Since 1995, we have striven to provide the best solutions at a reasonable cost to residents and small businesses. Our philosophy is to put our clients first by providing a fast response time, effective recommendations, and the correct analysis of the work that needs to be done.

We come to you, allowing you to remain in your home or office environment at a time that is convenient for your schedule. We’re mindful of the safety of you and your loved ones, and prioritize COVID-conscious service while we are in your home or office.

Primary Services

Computer Repair

Your computer is a central part of your life – it needs to be up and running all the time, both at the office and at home. If your system is down, we’ll come to you to resolve the problem. No need to dismantle the system and drive it to us.


Building the right network will allow you to get the most out of your computer system and home devices. We’ll help you shop for the hardware you need and when the time comes, we’ll be there to help set it up.


Most software classes waste time teaching an entire software program, when you really only need to know what’s relevant to you. Our personalized instruction helps you get up and running.

Remote Maintenance and Backup

Many issues can be prevented by performing routine maintenance on your system – the issue many have is remembering to do the work. We have developed a plan to alleviate that problem and do the work for you, remotely. Learn more about our Remote Maintenance and Backup plans here.


Odds are you don’t need a new computer – you probably have hardware we can upgrade for you. Save time and money by exploring what upgrades are available today.

Web Design

We have helped many area small businesses establish a web presence. We’re available to discuss your needs and can recommend a proven, trustworthy web site design firm to build a site that meets your expectations.

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