Using Outlook with a third party E-Mail

For a lot of people, Outlook is the preferred software for looking at email and storing it.  The format is something people like.  Setting a third party email, such as Gmail, can be configured so you get the ease of Gmail and the structure of Outlook.  What happens when you need to change your password? … Read more

Streaming Apps Stop Working

For a few days now you can only access the applications on your streaming device but not any content.  For example, you open Paramount+, scroll to a series or movie, click to play but it buffers forever!  This happens on multiple devices throughout the home and with different apps.  However, some apps do work.  What … Read more

Screen Saver Password, Mac

When you close the lid on your Mac Book or when the screen saver activates on the iMac, you need to re-enter the password every time!  How can that be stopped? Open Preferences, (the gear icon), and select Security and Privacy.  On the General Tab, uncheck the first option: “Require password, (drop down box) after … Read more

Instagram & Offloading Apps (iPhones)

If you use Instagram on your iPhone issues can arise that can be frustrating.  Uploading pictures or a video can take an extraordinary amount of time.  Seems to stall uploading the files.  Attempts to stop the upload, close the program or sign out prove futile.  What solution works?  (Note:  have your username and password for … Read more

Ransomware Protection

If this has happened to you then you understand the devastation this can have on your business or home files.  Ransomware gets onto your system through seemingly innocent online behavior.  The virus can come to your computer by downloading a file, attachment or even an infected toolbar or extension.  The following should be done to … Read more

ICloud Syncing

In this case we have several mac computer systems that sync photos to an iCloud account.  An iPhone is the device used primarily to take pictures and sync to iCloud.  The problem is the iPhone will not sync new pictures to the cloud.  This problem can be caused by a couple factors.  The most common … Read more

What is my Wi-Fi password?

It is easy to do.  Forgetting the Wi-Fi password is a common occurrence.  There are several ways to find out what the password is.  Try these steps: Is it the default password?  If so, then it is probably written on the side or bottom of your wireless device.  Look there first.  Did you change it … Read more

QuickBooks error when opening

If you get: Error: QuickBooks can’t complete the current action due to a missing component:  Missing pdf file component, there are three steps to take in order to resolve the issue.  The error causes you to be unable to email invoices, print in pdf format and other printing problems.  First, update your version of QB … Read more

Quick Tip: QuickBooks Invoice Font Size

If the default font settings for invoices in QB is not want you want, change it.  Log in as Admin.  Open any invoice.  Click on the Formatting menu option at the top.  Click Customize Data Layout.  Then click on Layout Designer button at the bottom.  Right click the box where you want the font to … Read more