Backing up Contacts

It is always a good idea to backup your data.  Many of you use a local and remote backup program that may cover all the data located on your workstation and server.  But what about your online contact lists?

They are not part of your local data and therefore not part of your local backup program.  To backup your contact list(s), sign into your account, (Gmail, AOL, etc), and go to the Contact list.  Select the option to “Select All.”  Then click on the Export button, (this is found under the More in AOL and Gmail).  Save the data as a CSV file and Export it to your download folder.  Once complete, move that data, (usually an Excel Spreadsheet), to your backup device.  Most of the other e-mail providers have similar methods to backup your contacts.  Here is a link that will instruct you how to do so with several providers listed.