Google Bookmarks

While it is a good idea to go into the Settings of Chrome, (click the three bars in the upper right corner), and perform maintenance,  Managing Search Engines, (delete unknown or unused ones), Extensions, (removing all unwanted and unknown ones), History cleanup, (from the beginning of time), checking on the Start page and export your … Read more

Chrome Screen is too small!

You go online using Google Chrome and the pages are very small.  Small pics, small type.  What happened?! The Zoom function most likely reduced the page to a much smaller percentage, (such as 25%), than is normal.  To resolve this issue, click the three bars in the upper right corner of the screen.  Click the … Read more

Chrome OS Virus

The new Chrome operating system is about as safe an environment as can be created.  However, we can report it is not one hundred percent immune from viruses. Recently we had a call from a customer who contracted the FBI virus on their HP Chrome-book.  The virus infected Google Chrome, so that when you go … Read more


Google Chrome is a web browser.  The new operating system boots in seconds and comes with many of the features other operating systems have.  It uses cloud storage and most of the popular Google products.  These include music, document creation, movies, video chats and thousands of more application options. Data is not stored on the … Read more