Scan to E-mail issue (HP)

When you try to scan a doc or image and send via e-mail you get an error message that there is a “server connection error.  There was a problem connecting to the server.  Press Retry or Ok to exit.”  The error is resolved by resetting the web services function of the printer/scanner/copier. On an HP … Read more

Basic Computer Maintenance

System running slow?  This time of year is the perfect time to clean up the computer!  Here are some basic things to do in order to do so: Uninstall any unused programs. Think of this in the same light as cleaning out the closet.  If you have not used it in a year, get rid … Read more

How to change the sensitivity of a touchpad on a laptop

When you move your hand across the touch-pad of many laptops the mouse seems to move all over.  The reason may be the sensitivity level of the device is set to high.  Reducing the sensitivity of the touch-pad will mean you will have to put more pressure on the pad to make the mouse move, … Read more

Business Continuance

No matter the size of your business, the ability to continue doing business after a catastrophic event can be critical to the long run success of your company.  Setting up a plan is simple if you follow these steps: Identify what you will need to continue working if your office was no longer accessible. Have … Read more

Keyboard Shortcuts: Dual Monitors

Having dual monitors allows you to open programs on different screens.  This is a very efficient solution when the user constantly needs to “alt-tab” between programs.  Open one program and drag it to the second screen, then open the next on the main screen is the process. There are some programs, typically industry specific types … Read more