Opening attachments

One of the more frustrating things to happen online is when you try to do something that worked but now does not.  A perfect example of this is opening an attachment to an email rather than downloading it first. We found different browsers have different settings when trying to open an attachment.  In Chrome, you … Read more


Like the name implies, this type of virus not only encrypts and holds hostage your critical data, but also demands a ransom be paid to decrypt the infected files.    Getting this virus, which comes in many variants, can cripple a business or home user. Here are some steps to take to prevent catastrophe: First:  … Read more

Zoom and Screen Resolution

If you have a wide screen monitor then you understand the frustration of changing your screen resolution to get the online resolution to be larger and better able to read or to play games.  For example, if you play some of the online games, the game board, (such as Monopoly), is too small to enjoy … Read more