Mac iOS updates and Printing

Updating the Mac iOS system seems like a great idea.  Better graphics, apps and security.  However, when you do so some printers just do not work like they did prior to the upgrade.  What happened? At the time El Capitan was created there were some printers that needed to catch up to the new software.  … Read more

iPhone App Updates

When you try to update your apps on the iPhone none seem to do so. Using the iPhone 5S as the example, here are the steps to try. Make sure you are logged into your Apple account successfully. Make sure you have Restrictions turned off. Go to Settings, General and scroll down to Restrictions.  If … Read more

iPhone Reset

The iPhone wants to update the iOS.  You authorize it to do so.  After completion, (it takes approx. 30 minutes), the phone will not boot up.  All you get is a picture of iTunes and a plug indicating you need to plug it into the authorized computer you have always used. This issue is caused … Read more