A Hotspot is used to connect your devices, (laptops, iPads, etc), to a wifi connection that is transmitted by your phone.  To use your phone as a hotspot you need to turn that feature on in the settings of the phone.  Most phones have the option to turn on a “Personal Hotspot” within the first … Read more

Pairing your iPhone

So you just upgraded to the newest smart phone. When you go to pair it with your car it will not do so. What happened?!  The example here is with an iPhone 6S and a 2013 Honda Civic. The problem is with the phone name. In this case, the car was set up using  the … Read more

iPhone backups

The screen broke on my iPhone and need to get it replaced.  As with any service to the smart phones, you want to make sure your data is backed up prior to any work being done.  Even if iCloud is used, it is a better idea to connect your iPhone to your computer and make … Read more

How to save battery power when you really need to

The iPhone comes with a power save feature that extends the battery for times when you are not able to charge the phone.  Sporting events, gatherings, camping trips, etc are some examples where you can extend the power your phone battery has by activating “Low Power Mode.” Go to Settings, then Battery and slide to … Read more

Securing your iPhone

It’s been in the news lately.  Should Apple allow the US Government access to a phone?  Maybe both sides are correct.  In any event, securing your phone is as important today as ever and the story has gotten many people thinking about their phone security.  There are three settings you can use to really secure … Read more

Permanently delete text messages on an iPhone

In an earlier Tip we discussed how to create more space on your smart phone by removing text messages you don’t need to save.  As you may know, those messages are still stored on the iPhone data base and can be found using spotlight.  To eradicate them permanently we suggest using a free utility called … Read more

Creating space on an iPhone

No matter how much space you have on your iPhone, it seems not enough.  You can increase your available space on the iPhone and increase personal privacy at the same time. Text messages may not seem like an area of data storage that would take up a lot of space.  When you consider how many … Read more

iPhone App Updates

When you try to update your apps on the iPhone none seem to do so. Using the iPhone 5S as the example, here are the steps to try. Make sure you are logged into your Apple account successfully. Make sure you have Restrictions turned off. Go to Settings, General and scroll down to Restrictions.  If … Read more

iPhone Reset

The iPhone wants to update the iOS.  You authorize it to do so.  After completion, (it takes approx. 30 minutes), the phone will not boot up.  All you get is a picture of iTunes and a plug indicating you need to plug it into the authorized computer you have always used. This issue is caused … Read more