Screen Saver Password, Mac

When you close the lid on your Mac Book or when the screen saver activates on the iMac, you need to re-enter the password every time!  How can that be stopped? Open Preferences, (the gear icon), and select Security and Privacy.  On the General Tab, uncheck the first option: “Require password, (drop down box) after … Read more

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Scanning software on a Mac computer

Even Macs get viruses.  Having an antivirus program makes sense.  However, when you download and install one, the error message pops up stating your system is only partially protected!  Why is that and what can be done? The antivirus program requires Full Access to your hard drive.  Only an authorized user can grant that access.  … Read more

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Click and drag on the new MacBook

After purchasing a new MacBook you realize how difficult it is to click and drag any item on the desktop, within folders and to an external device or e-mail.  The problem is with the default setting that comes with the new computers. To change the setting, and return the click and drag feature as it … Read more

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Hidden Mailboxes in Mac Mail

Not finding the mailboxes that you have meticulously organized can be frustrating.  Mac Mail will allow you to Hide the folders the mail is in and if you do not know how to Show the folders they will be “lost” to you. Open Mac Mail and roll your mouse over the name of your mail.  … Read more

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MAC Scroll Bar is gone!

When you open your Mail, or any, program on a mac the ability to use the scroll bar to move up and down is not always present and it is a real pain to find and use.  Can the scroll bar just remain visible all the time? Yes.  All you need to do is change … Read more

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Moving Mac files to a PC

What should be an easy process is made difficult because of the different file types each system uses.  PC’s cannot easily read Mac files, so transferring them to a PC is not possible, unless… There is a utility called HFSExplorer that will allow you to access data on the mac drive and extract it (copy), … Read more

Google Bookmarks

While it is a good idea to go into the Settings of Chrome, (click the three bars in the upper right corner), and perform maintenance,  Managing Search Engines, (delete unknown or unused ones), Extensions, (removing all unwanted and unknown ones), History cleanup, (from the beginning of time), checking on the Start page and export your … Read more


If you have just updated your Mac system to Yosetime, (10.10.3), and were using an older document producing program, such Apple Works, you will have to update the program to view, edit and print your AW docs. The recommended program to use is LibreOffice.  It is a free upgrade and will read all AppleWorks 6 … Read more

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