Outlook is very slow attaching files to email

I really hate this.  Outlook is running fine otherwise, however, when I try to attach a file to an email the process slows to a crawl.  Frustrating!! First, try to run Outlook in Safe Mode.  Click Start and then Run, (Win7), or use Cortana, (Win10), and type Outlook /Safe and hit Enter.  If necessary, choose … Read more

Outlook keeps sending my email to the Delete folder!

Every email I get ends up in the Deleted Items folder before I have a chance to read it? Outlook can be very temperamental sometimes.  There are many reasons why this happens, which include over-loaded primary boxes, (Inbox, Sent, Deleted and even Outbox).  Keep them clean and free of mail to insure they will not … Read more

Outlook: Archiving Email

If you have an extremely large pst file, exceeding 4 GB, you need to consider archiving your email.  Archiving stores the emails that you may not need daily, but do not want to delete.  The program will setup a separate pst file, called archive, in the same folder as the original pst file is kept … Read more

Outlook does not recognize the email address

You have been sending email to a particular address for a long time.  Now you get an error message that reads “Outlook does not recognize the email address.”   The email will not send. To resolve this issue you will need to re-enter the address in the address book.  Try sending again with the “new” address … Read more

Outlook:  HTML format

When you click to respond, (reply), to an email some of the text features are not available, (greyed out).  Why does that happen? Outlook is designed, by default, to keep the format of the original email intact when you open to read, print, copy or reply.  There is not a way to change that default … Read more

Outlook Columns

If you have a lot of email and store a lot of email in Outlook you may reference past emails often and do not want to waste time, (or clicks), resizing a column to see who sent the email, who it was sent to or maybe the subject.  Can the columns be set to a … Read more

Outlook 2016, (Office 365)

When you open Outlook 2016 the program stays minimized and, once it does open, the restore feature, (the middle button in the upper right corner, next to the minimize button), does not work. When clicked the program minimizes to the task bar. To resolve this there are two steps to take. First to open the … Read more

Email stuck in outbox using Outlook

There are times when an email will not send and gets “stuck” in the outbox using Outlook.  Usually this is due to either a corrupt email or an attachment that is too large to send by email.  In either case, the solution is the same. You want to change Outlook to work offline.  Click on … Read more

Outlook will not start past “Processing”

When this happens it is usually caused by an Add-In. You can disable them to resolve the problem. First, open Outlook in Safe mode. Close Outlook. Click Start and in the Run box type Outlook /safe, (there is a space between Outlook and /). Once it opens, click File, then Options. Click Add-Ins. Then in … Read more

Outlook: Printing Tables / Lists

The Table View option in Outlooks Printing options allows the end user to create customized views and printable formats.  The data can be displayed in a list format so that a lot of data can be seen or read in a single window or on a single page.  It is a very helpful tool. The … Read more