Outlook errors

You get the error message that your Outlook file is in use and cannot be accessed.  As a result, you cannot access your email. The program will open, but Outlook will not open the associated .pst file, (email). This issue is caused by the PST file being access by another program, such as backup software.  … Read more

Outlook vs Gmail

You get the error message that your Outlook, using your Gmail address, will no longer send messages.  You can receive them, but not send and they are stuck in the Outbox. To resolve, open Outlook, click on File, Account Settings, Account Settings again, then select the affected account.  Click on the menu option Repair.  Then … Read more

Using Outlook with a third party E-Mail

For a lot of people, Outlook is the preferred software for looking at email and storing it.  The format is something people like.  Setting a third party email, such as Gmail, can be configured so you get the ease of Gmail and the structure of Outlook.  What happens when you need to change your password? … Read more


When Outlook is being closed the program will run in the background syncing up with the email service.  Doing this insures your email will be up to date and running as expected.  However, sometimes when you go to open it again, it does not.  That is because it is running in the background, syncing. The … Read more

Outlook is very slow attaching files to email

This can be one of the most frustrating issues with Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is running fine but when I try to attach a file to an email the process slows to a crawl.  Frustrating! How to Speed up Outlook When Attaching Files to E-Mail First, try to run Outlook in Safe Mode. Click Start and … Read more

Outlook keeps sending my email to the Delete folder!

Every email I get ends up in the Deleted Items folder before I have a chance to read it? Outlook can be very temperamental sometimes.  There are many reasons why this happens, which include over-loaded primary boxes, (Inbox, Sent, Deleted and even Outbox).  Keep them clean and free of mail to insure they will not … Read more

Outlook: Archiving Email

If you have an extremely large pst file, exceeding 4 GB, you need to consider archiving your email.  Archiving stores the emails that you may not need daily, but do not want to delete.  The program will setup a separate pst file, called archive, in the same folder as the original pst file is kept … Read more

Outlook does not recognize the email address

You have been sending email to a particular address for a long time.  Now you get an error message that reads “Outlook does not recognize the email address.”   The email will not send. To resolve this issue you will need to re-enter the address in the address book.  Try sending again with the “new” address … Read more

Outlook:  HTML format

When you click to respond, (reply), to an email some of the text features are not available, (greyed out).  Why does that happen? Outlook is designed, by default, to keep the format of the original email intact when you open to read, print, copy or reply.  There is not a way to change that default … Read more

Outlook Columns

If you have a lot of email and store a lot of email in Outlook you may reference past emails often and do not want to waste time, (or clicks), resizing a column to see who sent the email, who it was sent to or maybe the subject.  Can the columns be set to a … Read more