Ransomware Protection

If this has happened to you then you understand the devastation this can have on your business or home files.  Ransomware gets onto your system through seemingly innocent online behavior.  The virus can come to your computer by downloading a file, attachment or even an infected toolbar or extension.  The following should be done to … Read more

Delete Old Accounts to Prevent Identity Theft

We have been using online accounts for decades now.  Do you remember all the ones you signed up for?  Leaving old accounts active and not in use can be a hackers dream come true.  They can hack the account and know you are not going to realize the hack until it is too late. Delete … Read more

Credit Card Skimming and Preventing Identity Theft

Online shopping is very convenient and easy.  It is also the best way to get hacked.  We use our personal information and credit card data to purchase items.  Most online sites have taken additional steps to protect your data when you buy, however, hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to get your information. … Read more

Use Strong Passwords to Prevent Identity Theft

We all love to share what is happening in our lives on platforms such as Facebook.  There is nothing wrong with sharing IF you are careful doing so.  Here are some ideas to help protect yourself on social media, using Facebook as the example.  Other platforms have security measures you can take as well, however, … Read more