Updated Microsoft Word Tips

Protect a document with a password You can control access to a document by implementing a password for it. Passwords are case-sensitive and can be a maximum of 15 characters long. Create a strong password, ideally one that you can easily remember. But in case you might forget, you should also keep a copy of it in a safe … Read more

Use emoji on your iPhone

With a tap of your finger, you can bring words to life with emoji. Add an emoji Find the emoji keyboard in any app that uses the standard keyboard, like Mail or Messages. To add an emoji: Tap to replace words with emoji The Messages app shows you words that you can replace with emoji. … Read more

Remove duplicate photos on iPhone and Android

How to remove duplicate photos on iPhone 1. Open Photos and tap Albums.  2. Scroll down to the updates section and tap Duplicates. 3. On a duplicate photo, tap Merge. Then tap Merge again to confirm. This will merge the highest-quality duplicates.  Super simple, and now you have a camera roll to be proud of! If for some reason you want to restore a … Read more

Photo album (creating)

One of the better FREE versions of photo book making software is Canva. Find all the photos you want in the album.  Remember where they are located on the computer.  It is best to “pre-order” the photos so you can click and drag them quickly. Go to Canva.com on your computer or iPad, (this is … Read more


Scroll Up With One Tap If you’re scrolling down a webpage and want to return to the top, tap the top center of your screen next to the front-facing camera. This tap will pull you back to the top. Not only can you do this on web pages, but this feature largely works everywhere on … Read more

7 tips and tricks to extend iPhone battery life

1. How are apps using your iPhone battery? Head to Settings > Battery to check out the details of your battery usage. “Last 24 Hours” is the default and shows which apps are using the most energy (including Home & Lock Screen and Siri). Tapping the “Last 10 Days” toggle on the right-hand side gives you a broader look at what’s … Read more

Scanning Tip (Windows)

A great solution to many scanning issues is the Microsoft Scan App.  You can download it from the MS Store or search for it online.  Once downloaded, click to install the application.  Then run it afterwards.  It should detect your existing hardware for scanning.  The program will use default settings when started for the first … Read more

Not getting email

If you are not getting your email as expected, there is a step to take that may resolve the issue.  You can send email, but cannot figure out where the new email coming in is located.  Passwords and settings seem to be correct or you have changed them recently and still get the same result. … Read more

Small print

All of a sudden when you go to print the result is very small print taking up less than half the page where it should have taken up the entire page.  This happens online with email and offline printing documents.  What happened? Some manufacturers, such as HP or Samsung, have taken it upon themselves to … Read more

Google Password Checker

First, this tip assumes you have saved passwords using the Chrome browser and you have a google account.  If you do, you will see your initial or image in the upper right corner of the screen.  Click the icon or image and then click Manage Your Google Account.   Next, look on the left column and … Read more