Small print

All of a sudden when you go to print the result is very small print taking up less than half the page where it should have taken up the entire page.  This happens online with email and offline printing documents.  What happened? Some manufacturers, such as HP or Samsung, have taken it upon themselves to … Read more

Google Password Checker

First, this tip assumes you have saved passwords using the Chrome browser and you have a google account.  If you do, you will see your initial or image in the upper right corner of the screen.  Click the icon or image and then click Manage Your Google Account.   Next, look on the left column and … Read more

Google Chrome Crashes

When you open Google Chrome you get the “Aw Snaps” crash page.  When you try to go to another page on the internet you continue to get the crash pages.  Chrome simply does not work.  The problem is likely a corrupt user profile that needs to be deleted and reinstalled.  This goes beyond uninstalling and … Read more

HP Printing issue

When you attempt to print to your HP printer and you are enrolled in HP Instant Ink, you get an error message that tells you there is an account issue that has to be resolved in order to continue to print. The problem is with the information within the account.  Specifically the credit card either … Read more

AOL Update

AOL recently updated the interface on the site.  That resulted in the mail page looking very different.  If you do not want to keep the new look, you can return to the “old” look be taking a couple easy steps. First, log into your AOL account online.  Under your name in the upper right … Read more