Outlook vs Gmail

You get the error message that your Outlook, using your Gmail address, will no longer send messages.  You can receive them, but not send and they are stuck in the Outbox. To resolve, open Outlook, click on File, Account Settings, Account Settings again, then select the affected account.  Click on the menu option Repair.  Then … Read more

QuickBooks closes immediately, part 2

You open QB, (in this case v2022), and enter the password.  The program begins to load the Home page and then it closes.  This happens repeatedly, even after removing the offending Windows update, (mentioned in an earlier Tip). Another solution was found for this issue.  Close QB.  Open the Services window by typing services.msc in … Read more

Quick Tips

Issue:  When installing a new program, or upgrading a currently installed program, an error pops ups stating there is an issue with the installation and needs to close.  The first thing to try is to quit the installation, copy the install file(s) to the desktop, if not already on your hard drive.  Next, go to … Read more

QuickBooks Closes Immediately

You open QB, (in this case v2020), and enter the password, click on an item, such as an invoice, and the program just shuts down completely.  You then try again, same results.  No error codes or any other indication of why this happens.  Leave QB closed.  Download, or open if you already have QuickBooks Tool … Read more

Fast Startup

Windows has an option for fast start up.  This allows the system to load startup items into the ram, and keeps that information there so the next time you turn on the system, or come out of hibernation, it simply accesses the ram and starts the system.  Many systems also have a bios, (Basic Input … Read more

Energy Savings

With the cost of everything rising, there are some things you can do with your tech to help save some money.  Try the following:  Have your computer shutdown after Cobian runs the backup.  If your computer is a workstation saving data to another computer, shutting down will not affect the remote backup and could save … Read more

How to get programs to stop loading automatically

Issue:  When you start the computer, or when you run an app such as SuperAnti Spyware, the message comes up to close the internet applications, such as Edge or Chrome, etc. You should not need Edge, or other internet browsers, to run during startup.  If you want to use an app, simply double click to … Read more

QuickBooks will not open due to payroll update error

Issue:  When you try to open QB you get the error message:  “The file you specified cannot be opened.” This is due to a recent payroll update that went wrong.  1) To resolve, close QB by either repeatedly clicking OK or using the Task Manager to End Task. 2)  Type QuickBooks in the Search window, … Read more

Email using QuickBooks

Issue:  you set up QB to email invoices, estimates, etc, but it will not get past the password window even though you are certain the password is correct for your Gmail account.  The issue is with the security settings within Gmail.  If you have a Business level account with Gmail the steps are: Sign into … Read more

Apple iTunes bill seems high

If you are questioning the iTunes bill there is a simple way to look at the charges right from your iPhone.  There you can change your subscriptions or cancel altogether. Go to Settings, then tap on your name at the top.  Click on Subscriptions and you can see all “Active” accounts.  Tap an entry and … Read more