Fast Startup

Windows has an option for fast start up.  This allows the system to load startup items into the ram, and keeps that information there so the next time you turn on the system, or come out of hibernation, it simply accesses the ram and starts the system.  Many systems also have a bios, (Basic Input … Read more

How to get programs to stop loading automatically

Issue:  When you start the computer, or when you run an app such as SuperAnti Spyware, the message comes up to close the internet applications, such as Edge or Chrome, etc. You should not need Edge, or other internet browsers, to run during startup.  If you want to use an app, simply double click to … Read more

Metered Windows Updates

Generally speaking, Windows 10 will update automatically.  What happens when the updates cause issues on our systems?  Can we turn it off? Go to Settings, (gear icon), Updates and Security, Advanced options and select to turn On “Download updates over metered connections.”  This action “disables automatic downloading of most Windows updates.”  The exceptions are critical … Read more

Windows 10 Update Issue

Windows 10 will automatically update security for the operating system.  Unfortunately, some of those updates can cause issues, particularly with sharing printers over a network.  If you use a printer that is shared from another computer on your network and that printer simply stopped working for attached computers, the Windows security update, (KB5005565), may be … Read more

Maximizing the Minimized

When you open a program it will minimize right away to the start bar and you cannot get the program to show on the screen.  It just sits there, minimized!  Some programs simply react this way for a number of reasons.  The work around for this issue: With the program seemingly minimized, hold the arrow … Read more

Quick Tip: Ccleaner

Ccleaner, downloaded from this link:  is a great utility that will help keep your computer clean and free of the things that ails our systems.  Some of the features can be set to make it easier to use. Open Ccleaner and click on Options, (left side column), and then click on Settings, (top of … Read more

Automatic Date setting in Word

When you receive an attached word document and download it, the date on the document changes to the current date.  What if I need the original date to stay? The feature you are referring to is found in the menu option Insert. Then click Date and Time, (located in the text section of the ribbon).  … Read more

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

After finally upgrading my computer from Win7 to Win10 the Adobe Reader program opens one file and then will not open any others or create pdf files.  The program just does nothing when I click to use. The solution is to disable Protected Mode.  First, make sure you can open Reader DC.  If you cannot, … Read more

Quick Desktop View (Peek)

If you want to quickly view your desktop without having to minimize the many windows that are open, you can do so.  First, click on the Start button and click the gear icon for Settings.  Then click Personalization, then Taskbar, (at the bottom).  Then click to turn on “Use Peek to preview the desktop…” Now … Read more

“Secret” Start Menu in Windows 10

This one is easy.  If you are a fan of the “old school” Start menu you can have it back, (almost).  Hover your mouse over the start button and right click.  A textual menu appears, just as it used to. Of course all of these items are available through the standard menu, however, you will … Read more