Chrome: saved passwords and bookmarks

While most backup programs are setup to save profile data, (documents, pictures, desktop, etc), there is vital data that should be included, but may not be part of the profile.  If you are like many of us, we save our passwords on the computer for easier access to frequently visited sites.  This is the same … Read more

Windows 10 Personalized (Ver 1809)

The default settings in Windows 10 can be altered to reflect your own tastes.  For example, the mode for the windows is either light or dark.  The default is light, however, dark mode may be better for your eyesight, especially at night, (ironically).  Another option are the colors of the title bars, windows borders, start, … Read more

Making labels, (using Office version 2010 or later)

If you have a list of names and addresses compiled in Excel and wish to make labels the process can be confusing and frustrating. There are several steps that need to be taken to print your labels correctly. First is to prepare your Excel data sheet for exporting to Word so you can print labels. … Read more

Files, Shortcuts will not open

You get the message “Your Internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened,” when you try to open a network connected icon.  For example, a program is housed on a server or another computer and the shortcut is on your desktop. The issue can be resolved by changing the default security settings … Read more

Fix a corrupted Recycle Bin

When you try to delete or empty the Recycle Bin you receive the error message that it is corrupted.  You can not delete files or empty the Trash. The fix is fairly easy.  Open a command prompt by entering cmd in the Cortana line, or Run line.  When you see the icon for cmd, right … Read more


Like the name implies, this type of virus not only encrypts and holds hostage your critical data, but also demands a ransom be paid to decrypt the infected files.    Getting this virus, which comes in many variants, can cripple a business or home user. Here are some steps to take to prevent catastrophe: First:  … Read more

Zoom and Screen Resolution

If you have a wide screen monitor then you understand the frustration of changing your screen resolution to get the online resolution to be larger and better able to read or to play games.  For example, if you play some of the online games, the game board, (such as Monopoly), is too small to enjoy … Read more

Task Scheduler Corrupt

A scheduled task is a very convenient way to get things done on a computer without having to remember to do them.  Many items can be checked off the “to do list” by simply having it listed as a scheduled task.  At a designated time and day that task is completed.  What happens when the … Read more

QuickBooks: Keeping Multi User Active

When you want to have more than one user accessing QuickBooks at the same time you are required to have the program set to Multi User Mode.  To use QB in that mode, click on File, then select Switch to Multi User Mode.  Now multiple users can access the same company file. When you close … Read more

QuickBooks Script Errors

Script errors are typically caused by something within Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.  If you are using another browser as your default then you can get rid of the script errors by simply making IE or ME the default browser instead. To do so, go to the Control Panel and click on Default Programs.  Click … Read more