Cleaning Computers during the Pandemic

Yes.  It is important to repeatedly clean your computer during the pandemic.  How you do so is just as important. 

First, use a disinfectant wipe to clean frequently touched surfaces.  These include keyboard, mouse, front of your computer desktop or the covers, (top and bottom) of your laptop and the power cord if you are moving it to another location.  If you are using a wipe, make sure to have the computer off first.  The wipes can have excess moister that will drip into the keyboard, (of a laptop), or into a desktop, and cause a sudden short of the system.  That could be catastrophic!  When finished, wipe of any excess moister before rebooting the computer.

If you are using a spray to disinfect, make sure to spray onto a paper towel first and use it to wipe down the system rather than spray directly onto the computer.  Again, turn the system off prior to cleaning.